Business Card Marketing Made Simple And Easy

Business card marketing can be potently effective for you if you know how to use it in the right way. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, you always want to hand out your business card to someone who could possibly be your next customer or client. The same thing should apply on all stationary that you have.

So how exactly do you go about using your business as marketing device? Well it’s quite simple actually. Anyone of your colleagues that you regularly come into contact with should receive your business card. This is how you will expand your network. You can think of this strategy sort of like the affiliate marketing premise in online marketing.

The most times your business card gets distributed to another prospect, you’re expanding your network and getting more and more people to call to do business with you. But these people won’t call just because you tell them to. You have to incite them into action – and the best way to do this is with a free offer.

On the front of your business card, include a short pitch about your free offer and lead prospects back to your website. So for example, at the top of your card you could say: “Free PDF! How to get more customers in a month than you know get all year!” And then lead them to your website address.

Once they reach your site, have them opt-in to your email newsletter so that you can follow up on them regarding your products and services. Yes, all of this can be done with a simple business card. So if you’re not utilizing it’s power today, I suggest you start doing it now.

On the back of your card, you want to include 3-4 testimonials. This is how you will boost your credibility in the eyes of your prospects. There’s not much space on the back of a business card, so you have to be crafty in your approach. If you can’t squeeze 3 testimonials on the back – then strive for 2. The testimonials should state YOUR name, and how you’ve help the customer or client to accomplish their goals.

Now that you know the basics of how to market with a business card, it’s time to start distributing it to a list of prospects. One way to do this is with a free seminar. You could run an ad promoting your free seminar and invite your friends and customers to attend.

Have your customers bring 1 extra guest with them so that you can possibly gain a new potential customer. Once your attendees are there, be sure to pass around your business card to everyone in attendance. If you follow everything that I’ve stated so far, you can expect to get an enormous amount of response in terms of new customers.

Business card marketing is something that you should fully incorporate into your marketing mix. Join the local chamber of commerce and network with business owners there also. Exchange business cards with these people and watch the number of new referrals stack up.

Good luck with marketing your business today.